Epoxy Mortar System is 100% solids, low odor epoxy, combined with graded sand, and troweled into place. Epoxy Mortar System is designed to be used as a heavy-duty coating, perfect for an Industrial Flooring Solution.

Epoxy Mortar is used to create seamless floors in manufacturing plants, mechanical rooms, warehouses, garages, and service areas where heavy use, such as forklift traffic, occurs. Troweled down at ¼ inch, this high build system is more durable than an epoxy broadcast system. This system is impact resistant making it able to withstand intense force or shock, perfect for heavy machinery and forklifts.


Epoxy Mortar meets USDA requirements for commercial kitchens and restaurants with compliance factors that include being seamless, high build, chemical resistant and incorporating an integral cove base. This system will not only stand up to high foot traffic areas like in a commercial kitchen but can also tolerate daily cleanings and heavy-duty chemical solutions. This wear resistant system has superior adhesion that allows any business owner to be confident in its performance and durability without worry of impact issues or chemicals degrading the floor.


The system is top coated with a 100% solids epoxy and is available in several different opaque colors. To add in some design elements, Epoxy Mortar Quartz has the addition of TC-65 Quartz Sand in several color blends. The quartz sand is broadcasted into wet 100% solids epoxy for a sleek yet practical aesthetic. Epoxy Mortar Quartz is top coated with a high build 100% solids clear epoxy for the ultimate protection.

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