• Tartan floor is famous for having many advantageous properties. It is a sports floor covering system and well-known for its flexible and long-wearing nature. The raw materials that form the tartan surface are SBR and EPDM rubber granules. You can come across tartan surfaces in many sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor branches, tennis courts, running tracks as well as in playgrounds etc.
    • What makes tartan floor covering so convenient is that it is non-slippery. It is quite well-known that non-slip surfaces are an inseparable part of sports fields because of the reason that it is of great importance for players to perform in safe environments. During the game they run, slide, chase the ball, or perform any other movement on the ground, and they should feel safe. The floor surface under their feet should have the non-slippery property not to cause any harm or injury to them.
    • As Avind, our primary duty is manufacturing sports flooring systems and applying them to spaces chosen by the customer. Accordingly, we devote ourselves to bringing first-class quality floor covering products into your projects thanks to our 15 years of experience in the industry. In our catalogue, you can have a look at our flooring system options for you.

Today, there are many different types of synthetic track surface available. However,

they all fall into two distinct categories: porous and non-porous Porous - Porous track surfaces are designed so that water will flow through the surface to the pavement below while allowing moisture to escape. Non-porous - Non-porous track surfaces are designed so that water does not penetrate the surface. Water is removed by slope and by gravitational flow to a surface drain system. It is vital to the success of a non-porous surface that adequate drainage and base aggregate design eliminate water from beneath the surface. Note: In the UK there are currently three main types of non-porous system: solid, sandwich (hybrid) and prefabricated